Petra Neveceralova, PhD

Conservationist with a PhD in molecular ecology and a strong background in molecular genetics.

Passionate about cetology research with a specific focus on conservation.

Dedicated researcher with a proven track record of conducting fieldwork and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams.


Molecular biology:

  • isolation and analysis of DNA/RNA from tissue/cells 
  • primer design 
  • PCR, qPCR
  • molecular cloning 
  • DNA sequence analysis 
  • CRISPR Cas9 KI / KO
  • different types of cell transfection

Conservation genetics & molecular ecology:

  • protocol optimisation for DNA isolation from variety of samples
  • sampling design for population studies
  • computational analysis of population genetic data

Cell biology & microbiology:

  • extensive cell culture experience (cell isolation from the tissue, primary cells, mammalian cell lines)
  • production of transgenic lines
  • light and fluorescence microscopy 
  • basic microbiology


  • Biomedical Centre, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsner, Charles University
  • South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)
  • Scottish Ocean Institute / University of St. Andrews


veterinary clinic Helion – volunteering as a vet technician, incl. surgery assistance

Dyer Island Cruises – volunteer in the research of southern right whales

Marine Dynamics – volunteer in the research of great white sharks


on request

publication record

Petra Neveceralova, Emma L. Carroll, Debbie Steel, Els Vermeulen, Simon Elwen, Jakub Zidek, Jason K. Stafford, Wilfred Chivell, & Pavel Hulva. Population changes in a whale breeding ground revealed by citizen science noninvasive genetics. Global Ecology and Conservation, Volume 37, 2022, e02141, ISSN 2351-9894,

Emma L Carroll, Paulo H Ott, Louise F McMillan, Bárbara Galletti Vernazzani, Petra Neveceralova, Els Vermeulen, Oscar E Gaggiotti, Artur Andriolo, C Scott Baker, Connor Bamford, Peter Best, Elsa Cabrera, Susannah Calderan, Andrea Chirife, Rachel M Fewster, Paulo A C Flores, Timothy Frasier, Thales R O Freitas, Karina Groch, Pavel Hulva, Amy Kennedy, Russell Leaper, Matthew S Leslie, Michael Moore, Larissa Oliveira, Jon Seger, Emilie N Stepien, Luciano O Valenzuela, Alexandre Zerbini, & Jennifer A Jackson. Genetic Diversity and Connectivity of Southern Right Whales (Eubalaena australis) Found in the Brazil and Chile-Peru Wintering Grounds and the South Georgia (Islas Georgias del Sur) Feeding Ground, Journal of Heredity, Volume 111, Issue 3, May 2020, Pages 263-276,

van den Berg, G.L., Vermeulen, E., Valenzuela, L.O., Bérubé, M., Ganswindt, A., Gröcke, D.R., Hall, G., Hulva, P., Neveceralova, P., Palsbøll, P.J., & Carroll, E.L. 2021. Decadal shift in foraging strategy of a migratory southern ocean predator. Global Change Biology 27 (5), 1052–1067.

Derville, S., Torres, L. G., Newsome, S. D., Somes, C. J., Valenzuela, L. O., Vander Zanden, H. B., Baker, C. S., Bérubé, M., Busquets-Vass, G., Carlyon, K., Childerhouse, S. J., Constantine, R., Dunshea, G., Flores, P. A. C., Goldsworthy, S. D., Graham, B., Groch, K., Gröcke, D.R., Harcourt, R., Hindell, M. A., Hulva, P., Jackson, J. A., Kennedy, A. S., Lundquist, D., Mackay, A. I., Neveceralova, P., Oliveira, L., Ott, P. H., Palsbøll, P. J., Patenaude, N. J., Rowntree, V., Sironi, M., Vermeulen, E., Watson, M., Zerbini, A. N., & Carroll, E.L. (2023). Long-term stability in the circumpolar foraging range of a Southern Ocean predator between the eras of whaling and rapid climate change. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120(10), e2214035120.



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